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Establishing an Internet Business  
Can you imagine trying to do business with no storefront, no address, and no way for customers to contact you? If you don’t have a website, that’s precisely how you’re limiting your company.

Today, businesses that lack a web presence simply cannot be found, making them non-existent for many. With several million people using the Internet every day—many of which are going online to research and buy products and services
- you simply can’t afford to miss out on this profitable sales channel. Regardless of your industry or audience, the Internet can and should be a major hub of your marketing activities.

Guided by B2W, a successful Internet company and based on online marketing strategists, you’ll embark on a fascinating journey toward building a business website in five easy steps
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Customers Stories
B2W and Great Florida Bank partner up for online presence series seminars
Great Florida Bank
During the building of our website, I was impressed repeatedly by B2W's insightful guidance and dedication-even after the project was completed.
Yuval Giat, Entrepreneur and CEO of Afek Solutions
Along our personal and professional paths, it's rare that we get to meet genuine people with a passion for guiding, advising, and inspiring others.
Yael Eisenbaum, Glass Art
I want to thank you for your devoted guidance and insight. Although we've only just begun our journey together, you have already lent fresh insights and creative approaches to help us handle our business more effectively.
Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO of Allen Carr's
Email Marketing Presentation held on April 24 2013
Rochelle Froloff N.R, DNA Guided Nutrition
Good Presentation, Very Informative.
James J Lanahan, Account Executive @ Unique Print
I learned so much from your presentation.
Gail Siegel, Independent Beauty Consultant
The presentation was great.
EJ Filone, President @ Janhost Co
Email marketing presentation held on 4/24/2013 Thank you for the insightful information.
Julia Tankhelson, Director of Social Media at Trav
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